character design • illustration

Charles Vincent Wolfe
August 12; 90s kid
Arizona, USA

Mixed Indigenous Latine
Hobby artist


character design • illustration

Terms of Service

Art is NOT my primary income. I open commissions at my leisure without schedule, and offered art services may be variable. Because of this, I do not hold any waitlists or ping reminders for interested clients.

  • My art is NOT to be used in NFTs or AI training

  • I will not create any hateful or abusive content (ie. racism, homophobia, sexism, pedophilia, etc)

  • Clientele must be 18 or older to order

  • Payment is by Paypal invoice in USD

  • Refunding may be given depending on percentage of commission completion at the time of refund request

  • WIPs will be given as needed and by request

  • Significantly large edits and changes or those requested later in the art process may incur an additional fee

  • Completed work may be posted anywhere by myself and by clients with given credit back to me

  • My work may not be resold commercially

I am comfortable drawing:

  • Humans, humanoids

  • Stylized or simplified robots

  • Anthro, furry

  • Feral, quad, creatures

  • SFW and NSFW (offered at my discretion)

  • Nudity (nonsexual and sexual)

  • Violence and gore

Additional questions may be discussed on case by case basis. I retain the right to decline a commission request for any reason.